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AI CROSS will help make your business and
way of working even smarter.

As a company that provides services utilizing cutting-edge technology,
AI CROSS Inc. will help your business further improve its efficiency and achieve a smart lifestyle for employees.

More versatility for your way of working—AI CROSS’ passion has created cutting-edge business infrastructures, products and services that contribute to improved business efficiency, which has made businesses more convenient than ever imagined a few years ago. However, we think there is room for improvement in terms of enhanced productivity and flexible work style, which are represented by what is known as “work style reform,” which has become a popular topic these days.

One of the reforms is the introduction of AI technology, which has been adopted as part of our new company name. The technological development in AI in recent years has been remarkable and has almost reached a level that is comparable with that of the human brain. Now that AI, which becomes smarter as it is used, has come to a practical stage, we will achieve even higher abstraction and apply automatic learning of an enormous amount of data to business.

“Immediately grasping society’s needs and exceeding a company’s expectations.” “Realizing a business environment that nobody could ever imagine.”—Unique solutions by AI CROSS will make all kinds of business tasks comfortable ones. We will continue to develop messaging tools that correspond to multimedia needs, as well as offering possibilities for different ways of working by providing a wide variety of products and services.​


Data on messaging services, including business chat logs, Short Message Service (SMS) and Rich Communication Service (RCS), as well as attendance management and personnel information and various other information found on the internet are full of contents that would make companies and their employee’s work and lifestyle smarter than ever before. On the other hand, although information on each channel can be individually analyzed, there have not been enough steps taken toward analyzing this information all at once in order to predict the future or to be utilized for the enhancement of services. “Smart AI Engagement,” a concept promoted by AI CROSS, gathers individual information that exists on various technology channels, and multifacetedly analyzes the data, learns information and makes predictions using AI to develop solutions to create new engagement between businesses and employees, or businesses and consumers that have never hitherto been realized.


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