Privacy policy

We may ask our customer to provide personal information (as defined below) to us if necessary when our customer uses services offered byAI CROSS Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “AI CROSS”) or makes an inquiry to AI CROSS. AI CROSS stipulates this privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information provided by our customer as follows and strives to protect such personal information.

(1)Definition of Personal Information

In this privacy policy, “Personal Information” means, among information that falls under any of the following items, information relating to a living individual that contains a name, date of birth, or other descriptions, etc., by which a specific individual can be identified (including information which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual).

1. Information provided by our customer to AI CROSS by entering data into an input form for “inquiry” or any other methods.
2. Information AI CROSS received from our customer other than the preceding item.

(2)Purposes for Use of Personal Information

AI CROSS uses Personal Information provided by our customer for the following purposes.

1. Response to inquiry or consultation from our customer.
2. Performance of AI CROSS’s services and analysis for the purpose of improving the quality of such services.
3. Having a business meeting, briefing and other communication necessary for conducting business with our customer.
4. Performance of a contract that has been executed between AI CROSS and our customer.

(3)Disclosure of Personal Information

AI CROSS shall handle Personal Information provided by our customer within the scope of purposes for use that have been explicitly shown to our customer and shall not use such information other than for the said purposes, with the exception of the following situations. In addition, AI CROSS shall not disclose the same to any third party, with the exception of the following situations.

(1) If AI CROSS obtains the consent of the customer concerned.
(2) If disclosure is made in a manner that makes it impossible to identify the customer concerned.
(3) If disclosure is made to companies or individuals to whom AI CROSS outsources business within the scope that is necessary to achieve the purposes for using Personal Information, such as when AI CROSS replies to an inquiry from our customer or performs our services (In that case, AI CROSS strives to take all possible measures to undertake the secure protection of Personal Information by establishing rules on protection of Personal Information with the outsourcing companies or individuals).
(4) If our customer’s Personal Information is provided in association with business succession by merger, company split, business transfer or other events.
(5) If it is necessary to cooperate with national organizations, local public authorities or duly authorized entrustees of such entities to perform administrative tasks prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.
(6) If provision is approved under the Personal Information Protection Act or any other applicable laws and regulations.

(4)Management of Personal Information

AI CROSS takes reasonable safety measures for the purpose of preventing the loss of, destruction of, illegal leakage of, falsification of and illegal access to Personal Information provided by our customer and strives to undertake secure protection of such Personal Information.

(5)Request for Disclosure, etc., of Personal Information

In the event where our customer requests disclosure, etc., (“Disclosure, etc.” herein refers to disclosure, notification of a utilization purpose, correction, addition, deletion) of Personal Information that the customer concerned has provided under the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act, AI CROSS may accept such request upon ensuring that such request is actually made by that customer himself/herself (If such Personal Information does not exist, AI CROSS will notify the customer concerned in that regard); provided, however, this shall not apply if AI CROSS does not owe any obligation to disclose such information under the Personal Information Protection Act or any other applicable laws and regulations. Please note that AI CROSS will ask our customer to pay reasonable costs and expenses that AI CROSS has actually paid when handling such request for disclosure.

(6)Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

If you have any opinions, questions, complaints or other inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information, please contact the following inquiries desk.


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